Monday, January 30, 2017

The Best Reading On Earth

I've been enjoying the bonus indoor hours this winter. January is nearly over and although I didn't make a New Year's resolution I have made a change in my life that is providing benefit. I've been using my extra time reading Bibles. Yes, plural. Last year our church's Bible reading program didn't get me through the whole Bible. I had started reading a New English Translation called, "God Speaks" so I want to finish reading that version this year. I also have a "One Year Chronological Bible" called "24/7" (New Living Translation) that I want to read through. I keep these two Bibles at my chair in the living room where I can pick them up as soon as I sit down.

My mainstay Bible is my well-used New International Version study Bible that is always at my desk where I write my blogs, do my Bible study lessons, write letters and study my Sunday school assignments. It is where I research topics, study, and meditate. I also have my dictionary, thesaurus, Bible concordance, "Jesus Calling", and other daily devotions within reach.

I love the feeling of being deep in God's Word. In one version I am finishing Revelations and the New Testament before I go back to parts of the Old Testament. In the "24/7" I am in Exodus, finishing up the Israelites escaping Egypt. Yet, I am so amazed to see the way God touches me with His words, relating the scriptures to each other, allowing me to really "see" a big picture of how God's plan is working in my life. Unfortunately, I am not a good memorizer of verses and I can't always remember where I read a verse, unless it is fresh in my mind. But, I find that each time I read a verse it becomes more familiar and it is more relatable to my life. I pray that God's words will indeed return to me in the moments I need them most.

Reading God's Word draws me instantly to Him. It helps me understand His teachings and the Bible becomes indispensable to me. The more I read, the more I want to keep reading His Words! Psalm 119 is filled with ways the Word of God blessed us.

"How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Praise be to you, O Lord; teach me your decrees. With my lips I recount all the laws that come from your mouth. I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches. I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways. I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word" (Psalm 119:9-16 NIV).

"Your word, O Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens" (Psalm 119:89 NIV).

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" (Psalm 119:105 NIV).

God provides all the knowledge and wisdom we need within His Word. May you seek His words today to guide each moment of your day closer to Him.

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