Monday, April 20, 2015

"Rainy Days and Mondays"

We had a bountiful rain yesterday and it seems like the trees' leaves popped out overnight. We're always glad to have good rains to make the pastures grow so the sheep have plenty to eat. This morning the clouds are rolling through with a strong north wind bringing a chill for the week.

"They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind;" (Jude 1:12b NIV).

The blooming trees were pounded by the rains, leaving behind riddled blossoms with circular puddles of flowers underneath. It's sad that their beauty lasted such a short time.  Some of the flowering bushes seem to be tougher and kept their beauty for another day. Tulips are beginning to bloom in the protected areas of the yards, especially in the city. Everything seems a little slower to bloom out in the country.

Mondays are always an adjustment after the weekends that are so often filled with activities. On Monday it is time to settle back into the routine of weekly tasks or work. The Bible instructs us to use diligence in all that we do and to use care and precision to do even the smallest of tasks. (Read Genesis 31:38-42 and Genesis 39:21-23) Sometimes the tasks I do don't seem significant or worthwhile yet, if I remember the Bible's teaching even the folding of laundry or the cooking of a meal is worthy of recognition.

As you go about today may you entrust your tasks to God by giving your best labor and attention to them. May you feel satisfied in your accomplishments, knowing that God appreciates all of your efforts done to make your chores and duties the best they can be.

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