Thursday, October 15, 2015


What are you waiting for? There are times in life when we all go through periods of waiting. Scriptures reference waiting patiently and silently but also eagerly. Some things are hard to wait for. With other things the waiting is part of the process of getting ready; it takes time to prepare.

When I think of waiting I'm reminded of children as they anticipate Christmas gifts. From the time presents appear under the tree, children are filled with excitement. They dream of what wonderful surprises they might find under the tree. Little ones will ask daily if it is Christmas yet and the waiting can be almost painful to them.

Pregnancy is another time of waiting. There are mixed emotions: of wanting the baby to grow and develop properly, of wanting the wait to be over, of fearing the unknown pain of childbirth, of wondering if it is a boy or a girl, or waiting to find out what the baby looks like. It's a mixture of unequaled joy and concern.

There are times of waiting when the clock doesn't seem to move. Waiting in a doctor's office for an appointment whose time has past; waiting for surgery to be completed and discovering the outcome; waiting for spring after a long, cold winter; or waiting for test results.

Another difficult time of waiting occurs when we pray. John Waller wrote a beautiful song, "While I'm Waiting" that suggests many things to do while we wait on the Lord to answer. He says to be hopeful while you wait and to move ahead, boldly and confidently in obedience. He serves God while he is waiting and he faithfully worships God while he waits.

It isn't easy to wait, nor is it always comfortable to wait. Yet, waiting is part of life.

"Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him" (Psalm37:7 NIV).  For "Blessed is the one who waits" (Daniel 12:12 NIV).

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