Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jewels of July

The birthstone of July is the ruby. The first thing I think of when a ruby is mentioned is my mother. Her birthday was July 15 and for all my growing up years I was intrigued by her ruby ring. The story I recall about that ring is that a suitor of hers presented it to her with his love. However, mother's love of her life (my daddy) came shortly thereafter and swept her off her feet - even without a birthstone ring. Mother always kept the ring safely in her treasure box, though she rarely, if ever, wore it on her pinky finger.

The rectangular-shaped ruby, with softened corners, is set vertically in a silver band of a delicate, almost lacy design. There is a single diamond in the center of the stone, held by a tiny square setting. Its small size almost surely indicates it was made for the pinky finger. Mama tied a red ribbon on it that reads in her penmanship, "1927 Clara's".

"Coral and jasper are not worthy of mention; the price of wisdom is beyond rubies" (Job 28:18 NIV).

After watching plenty of "Antique Roadshow"s, I am a bit curious about its worth. I don't know what rubies are valued at these days but the stone is quite lovely. The ring was probably more expensive than all the rest of Mama's jewelry added together. She loved costume jewelry that was pretty and affordable.

"She (wisdom) is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her" (Proverbs 3:15 NIV).

Mama allowed me to wear the ruby ring to a high school dance once or twice but mostly it rested safely in her drawer. Though I know we took it out and looked at it many times through the years and Mama would always retell her story.

I feel rather guilty that I was the daughter who received the ruby ring from Mama. I share the July birthstone with her, and I'm sure I probably showed the most interest in the ring since I was the last one to grow up in the Springer household. Still I feel blessed to hold this treasure of Mama's for safe keeping.

"For wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her" (Proverbs 8:11 NIV).

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