Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year of the Sheep 2015

If you know me very well you know that caught my attention. The Chinese New Year actually begins February 18, not January 1 as the calendar we live by does. The Year of the Sheep happens every 12 years. I'm intrigued by this though I don't put faith in horoscopes or the such. However I enjoy reading about myself, looking for any truth or coincidence. According to the Chinese tradition I was born in the year of the sheep (1955) so the intrigue builds. Isn't it interesting that I've been drawn to sheep all these years that I didn't know it was my sign?

My sister Marlene sent me a detailed description of the Year of the Sheep and it shares some engaging information about the sign of Cancer which I was born under. One theme of the Year of the Sheep is creativity expression. I guess my writing is my creative outlet. And maybe my sheep collection is another form of expressing creativity. The article says "sheep" often find success in artistic fields, especially healing arts. I wonder how my writing can be interpreted or developed as healing.

There are several "sheep" traits that seem familiar to me - the need for quiet times in order to restore energy - and that the best time of life for a "sheep" is when they are older. "Sheep often struggle in youth," it says and that's sure true of me. We discover our true calling when we are later in life. I think I always knew I was a writer but it just took me a while to get there.

It will be interesting to see where 2015 takes us all. A new year, a clean slate, a fresh start, I always appreciate the newness of an empty calendar and the anticipation of what lies ahead. May God bless all of you in this new year with laughter, energy, faith and love. Happy New Year!

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